Hector Ruiz

What we are?

At Don Raul, we seek to share our years of travel and international cooking experience in a neighborhood setting. Don Raul, Hector Ruiz´ beloved grandfather,  was larger than life and familiar at the same time.

It's the feeling we hope to achieve with DR49. Friendly and comfortable for a casual dinner, but seeking to surprise and yet echo to a time, place and taste that's unique. 

What we want?

Don Raul could tell you about his ancestors. And with him in mind, we pay homage to culinary traditions world wide with a touch of Mexican flavors.

Don Raul would thrive in today's fast pace, so prepare to see future food trends along side time-honored classics through our thoughtful creations. 


Who we are?

If you haven't yet met a Don Raul on your life journey, we welcome you, and are prepared to give you exceptional food and service while you're with us.


Hector Ruiz bring 20+ years of culinary experience to your table. 

raised in Mexico, and educated in Lucas Carton 3 star michelin restaurant in Paris. hectors style is a fusion of traditions. It will be a blend of familiar and new, simplicity and flair, discipline and indulgence. We hope each meal evokes a fond memory, like Don Raul.